01-May-2023 Solidarity message with Iranian Workers by John MacDonnell.
In solidarity with Working Class around the world and in support of Working Class struggle in Iran.
Speech by John MacDonnell.
01-May-2023 London, in front of Karl Marx Library. Speech by Alex Gordon – President of RMT Union.
08-March-2023 in front of Iranian Embassy. Speech by John MacDonnell
08-Feb-2023 Speech by Richard Burgon
08-Feb-2023 Speech by John MacDonnell in solidarity with people uprising in Iran.
Debate in the Uk Parliament
12 January 2023

The Debate In UK Parliament On The Uprising In Iran John McDonnell Welcomed The Formation Of “Solidarity With The Workers Movement In Iran” A Group Of Iranian Activists And Trade Unionists In The UK, Set Up To Promote Solidarity Support To Workers In The Iranian Struggle For Freedom And Equality.
Meeting in the UK Parliament – 28 November 2022

The International Federation of Iraqi Refugees organised a meeting in Parliament to discuss the ongoing demonstrations and protests in Iran chaired by John McDonnell MP. Speakers were RMT Bakerloo Branch Representative Daniel Randall; International Federation of Iraqi Refugees Secretary Dashty Jamal; Public and Commercial Services Union Independent Left and Assistant General Secretary John Moloney; Middle Eastern Women and Society Organisation Director Halaleh Taheri, One Law for All Spokesperson and Women’s Rights Campaigner Maryam Namazie, Writer Nasrin Parvaz, Kurdish and Middle Eastern Women’s Organisation Director Sawsan Salim and Political and Women’s Rights Activist Sonia Mohammadi.