Solidarity with the Iranian Workers’ Movement Committee was established in December 2022.

The aims of the Committee are to mobilise union and labour groups in support of the revolutionary uprising and workers’ protests in Iran and in opposition to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s rights violations and executions.

The Committee is chaired by John McDonnell MP. Committee members are RMT Bakerloo Branch Representative Daniel Randall; PCS Assistant General Secretary John Moloney, International Federation of Iraqi Refugees Secretary Dashty Jamal; Iranian Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation Director Diana Nammi ; Middle Eastern Women and Society Organisation Director Halaleh Taheri; Alliance for Workers’ Liberty Mark Osborn; One Law for All Spokesperson and Women’s Rights Campaigner Maryam Namazie; Political Activist Fariborz Pooya, Writer Nasrin Parvaz; Solidarity with People of Iran Activist Satar Rahmani; Kurdish and Middle Eastern Women’s Organisation Director Sawsan Salim; Political and Women’s Rights Activist Sonia Mohammadi and International Federation of Iraqi Refugees Activist Twana Noury.

The establishment of the Committee was first discussed at a 28 November 2022 meeting in parliament chaired by John McDonnell MP.